Holly Vaughan

Holly Vaughan


Untitled. Wood, Latex & String. Photo Credit: Lenka M Cachanova. Exhibited in AVA Gallery 2014.

Organico. Wood, Latex, String, Steel, Perspex, Wire, Dried Seeds, LED Lighting, Rope. Exhibited AVA Gallery in 2014.

Close up Image of Organico Installation. Wood, Perspex, Dried Seeds, LED Lighting. Exhibited AVA Gallery 2014. Exhibited Bermondsey Project 2014.

Lit Latex. 2014. 60cm x 10cm x 30cm Hollow Cast of Latex, LED LIghting & Kapoc.

Untitled. 2013. Photography

Organico. 2013. 100cm x 100cm Screen Printed onto Wood & Woven Hemp.

Female Skeleton. 2014. 110cm x 40cm x 100cm. Steel.

To Anvil or NOT to Anvil. 2014. 65cm x 12cm x 30cm. Hollow Cast of Ciment Fondu with Plaster, Steel and Hemp.

Untitled. 2013. Photography.

BEING… connectivity, transparency, breathe, organico, and nature. This is how we achieve a state of being… being true, holy, pure, still but fully alive. Yet we cannot BE within ourselves, it is through connectivity – dependence that we live fully. These pieces look peaceful to me… yes, there is the material altering nature but we live in an imperfect world where very little is untouched, unaltered. Breathe is achieved in that contrast… glowing in pure contrast, enabled by transparency, honesty. Organico happens… balance, harmony, wholeness. This, to me, describes spirituality.. not a spirituality based on laws but one that is engaging… one that offers a stillness and rest. A spirituality that is vital; breathe to keep living. This work reminds me of the beauty of being able to rest knowing that things may not be perfect but that there is harmony. The ease of breathing when wholeness is offered.

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